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Vernon Basson

Farm: Vergarderingskraal
Area: Palmietvlei
System: 66 bail Rockwood & Waikato Rotary with Afimilk Herd Management

There are a number of reasons why I chose a Waikato Rotary Milking System. I believe the no-frills design and layout of the Rockwood platform will provide many years of hassle-free milking, with limited maintenance over our normal dairy costs. We have been using the Afimilk herd management system for many years and thus made Waikato SA the obvious choice for their milking platforms. "Our production has soared and our cows are far more relaxed in the new shed.  We only wish we had installed our Waikato rotary sooner!"

In our old herringbone parlour, the milking team had to push and shove the cows to get them to fit. Since upgrading to our rotary parlour, this is no longer the case and the cows are visibly happier and more comfortable during milking. This resulting in our milk production being higher than expected and our SCC has dropped to the lowest levels ever! Milking is more precise, with each person having a dedicated floor position and activity. The great sightlines mean we can quickly pick up any identification issues and cows requiring treatment or potential feeding problems.

A rotary parlour is a pleasure to milk in. As a South African dairy farmer it is a must-have to achieve optimum control and cow comfort.

Added to this is the existing relationship between Waikato SA and the Happy Farmer team, they were there every step of the way which helped seal the deal.

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Peter & Sandy Ward with Dr Strydom Steyn

Farm: Kruisfontein
Area: KwaZulu Natal
System: 60 bail Rockwood & Waikato Rotary with Afimilk Herd Management

Kruisfontein Farming has benefitted in two areas of their operations. Firstly, by milking all our 900 cows in one rotary parlour we have achieved economies of scale. Secondly, by investing in the latest milking technology, with both hardware and software, our key performance indicators such as SCC and litres per cow have remarkedly improved. We thank and commend Waikato SA for having gone the extra mile to ensure that our project is successful. To any dairy farmer who is considering it, we say stop messing around - get a Waikato rotary!
~ Peter Ward ~

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Oloff Cilliers

Farm: Welgelegen
Area: Oyster Bay
System: 30 point Swing Over milking machine with Afimilk Herd Management

“I am still producing the same amount of milk as I was before having Afimilk installed. However, my feed expense has reduced by 40%. During the drought I had to introduce semi-TMR feeding but Afmilk, assisted me to monitor the feed and litres produced to show which cows are performing and which are not. This has also helped to make feed allocations outside of the dairy much easier and more productive. Afimilk has helped tremendously, I can still see what is happening on the farm and at the dairy even when I am not on the farm. The weigh-and-sort gate really makes life hassle-free in helping to sort the cows for AI and vet checks.”

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Tom, Andrew & Sven Turner

Farm: Crieff
Area: Nottingham Road, KZN
System: 50 bail Rockwood & Waikato Rotary with Afimilk Herd Management

‘A Dairy Farm is a 24/7/365 days a year business. This is why when it comes to choosing your milking parlour is it imperative you choose products with reliability and where service is everything. 

In our business, this is a Waikato, AfiMilk and Rockwood rotary
combination, a 12 year proven track record. It is for this very reason that we chose Waikato SA again for this project.’

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Karl & Tilly Reitz

Farm: Hoekwil
Area: Western Cape
System: 50 bail Rockwood & Waikato Rotary with Afimilk Herd Management

“Our dairy has walked a long road with Waikato, from our small start at our first dairy to what it has grown to today.
This is our third Waikato machine.
Our first introduction with Waikato was in 2006 during a New
Zealand dairy tour and there we realised that it was a logical choice to walk the road with Waikato with their forward thinking technology and service.
Since then it has been an easy and efficient path to follow and the choice of machine during the build of this new dairy was never doubted.”

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Mark Rubin

Farm: Lancewood
Area: George
System: 60 bail Rockwood & Waikato Rotary with Afimilk Herd Management and feeding

"For a simplified and robust machine the Waikato and Rockwood combination certainly makes milk harvesting a pleasure!"Mark Rubin chose Waikato Milking Systems for his 60 point Lancewood dairy. Rohan, a share-milker at Lancewood had the following to say about Waikato Milking Systems: “I am very happy with the after-sales service I have received from Waikato South Africa. The Afimilk system is a great success and it is an excellent herd management program. The added benefit of the in-house drawings and assistance with the planning in the construction phase of the dairy really helped me to get a better understanding and I was able to plan ahead.”


For us the Waikato system is a dream come true.  Looking back we would not change anything!

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